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Category Archives: Memoir

Book Review: Known and Unknown by Donald Rumsfeld

Tweet prides itself on providing original and provocative reviews, however, there are times when it’s important to acknowledge that another reviewer nailed it so perfectly that there’s little to add. A high profile release such as Known and Unknown: A Memoir by Donald Rumsfeld will have no shortage of analysis and review, yet none […]

Review: The Autobiography of an Execution by David Dow

Tweet So often it is easy to turn a blind eye to injustices that do not affect us.  It is even easier to turn a blind eye to injustices that affect only the most abhorrent people, or those that we, justly or not, have condemned as abhorrent, namely, death row inmates.  The Autobiography of an […]

Book Review: The Right Man by David Frum

Tweet It’s always fascinating to look at history and events by examining what was being said at the time.  So often, most of the historical accounts and research is written with hindsight but without balancing out what the general thoughts, regardless of how varied they may be, at the moment were.  My decision, in 2010, […]

Review: In a Time of War by Bill Murphy Jr.

Tweet Though this blog is named “Political Books”, we like to use a very broad definition of politics.  After all, essentially everything is related to politics in some semblance.  In a Time of War: The Proud and Perilous Journey of West Point’s Class of 2002 would be best categorized as a human interest story first […]